Frequently Asked Questions

How did Deets come to be? 


Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove, the founder of Deets, has been obsessed with physical and digital business cards for many years. His own real-world creative business cards have become famous, one was a banknote that he gave an actual value to, one was a fortune cookie business card and one was a business scratchcard where you scratch it off to win a ‘prize’, amongst others… 

Shed always found it fascinating that people seem to care about their business cards deeply, whilst at the same time, in today’s modern world, the paper business card is not very helpful when we store contact details on phones or computers. The challenge of easily and quickly swapping contact details still hasn’t been solved and is ripe for disruption. 

To this end, Shed previously built two apps over five years – and dismally failed with them – CONTAKK and TILT SWAP. Contakk was an app that turned your contact details into a weblink that anyone could click and instantly download your contact details. Tilt Swap was an app that let you scan a QR code on someone’s phone to get their details. Both failed dismally. He didn’t give up, and from these apps that didn’t prove successful, he learned that people in the West don’t seem to like QR codes and also, that solely providing a link to contact information wasn’t enough. 

Over all the years he was thinking about the challenge of swapping contact information easily and quickly, he kept thinking about the scene from American Psycho where a group of businessmen compare their business cards. Shed knew that his next app had to let users customise their own digital contact cards – and then swap those cards easily with others.


Even though both of Shed’s first two non-successful apps in this area cost a considerable amount of time and resources, Shed never gives up on anything he does, and fervently believes in the concept of ‘Failing Upwards’, so once again, he set out to tackle the problem of easily swapping contact information. Steeled with a new plan, Shed decided to create an app that allowed users to create customisable business cards on their phone and have them swap instantly when two people open their cards on their mobiles. He spent nearly all of his life savings to land the domain (Deets is the slang for ‘details’) and to bring Deets to life in its first iteration. 


Shed hopes that Deets will completely disrupt the whole process of swapping contact information and one day, making physical business cards obsolete…

How do I add my own bespoke custom background to my Deets card?


Once you’ve created your first Deets card, tap the templates icon on the bottom right of the lower menu. Then, select the grey ‘choose background’ template that displays a camera icon and image icon. 

Tap on the camera icon to take a photo that you want to add to your card.

Or tap the image icon to upload a still image or animated gif from the photos on your phone. 

Can I add a second card?


This is something we’re working on and plan to offer in the future. 

What does ‘Deets’ mean?


DEETS (dēts)


plural noun, informal 


Meaning: DETAILS

Example: ‘Hey – can I get your Deets?’ 


Does Deets work when I have no connection to the internet?


At the moment, you need to be connected to the internet for Deets to work. In the future, we want to offer a solution so that even if you’re not connected to the web via 3G, 4G or wifi, Deets will allow ‘offline swapping’ by creating a virtual hotspot between two phones, thus allowing them to still swap contact info, even in flight mode.

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