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Life is full of opportunities. Make sure you grab every single one by connecting with people you meet who enhance your life.


Business cards and scraps of paper are easily lost or forgotten. With Deets, their contact information instantly transfers into your phone address book, so you’ll be able to easily explore your new business or personal connection.

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Each new person you meet has the potential to make your life even better.

Don’t spend ages tapping in details, get their contact info in seconds…

Deets business cards

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Choose from our awesome templates. Or customise your background. You can even add moving ones.

Perfect for any situation 


Whether you’re meeting someone in your personal or business life, Deets is the easiest and fastest way to get their info and give them yours.

Save the planet


Eco friendly – no paper! You’re saving the planet using Deets – well done you!

Animated background business card
Animated background business card

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Don’t spend ages tapping in details, get their contact info in seconds…

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